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Hi there!

Welcome to The Prop Zone!

Let us explain what this is about...


So what is The Prop Zone?

Propellers: billed once, delivered weekly. It's as simple as that. 

Why do you need this? Continue reading and we'll explain the many benefits of entrusting us with your props


Less mess

Does that pile of propellers take up too much space? It doesn't have to be that way! We'll make sure you always have enough, but never too much. 

Less trouble

Stop endlessly searching the internet for that one prop you need. With us, you can save your preferences or let us do the job of finding your ideal propellers. We deliver.

More flying

Ran out of propellers and can't fly? Not with us! We'll check in with you to see if you need anything and keep stock of your favorite propellers.

More savings

More propellers ordered means more money saved. Save up to 15% when ordering in bulk. Our sale calculator is simple: for every extra bag of props you get 1% off, up to 15 packs. We offer prices near to wholesale. Unbelievable huh?



You're interested. We have your attention. Seems too good to be true? No worries, that happens.

Read below, where we explain how we can do all that we've promised so far.


Spend less time

Simple. You'll have an option to create an account with us where you can save all your favorite props. Next time you're shopping, sign in and your order is one click away.

No need to order every week, just pay for the total amount of propellers you want and let us know how many you want delivered each week. 



Save money

Buy big, save big: the rule we like to go by. Save up to 15% on your order when purchasing in multiples of 15. 

Ordered too many, or a hot new prop just released? Let us know and we'll do our best to refund the propellers you haven't recieved yet. 



Less mess and more flying

Your propellers will be delivered on a weekly basis to ensure you are always stocked up for your week of flying. In this tailored experience, you will be able to select exactly how many you want delivered each week. 

This allows us to accommodate the needs of every pilot who shops with us. Never run out of propellers in the middle of a great flying session again!


Enough has been said, proving we can do it is our next step.

Have a look around in our Prop Zone experience to see how we'll make this work.